About Us

We are a family owned business, two sisters, who have a passion for nature and the outdoors.  We have chosen one of Barbuda’s most beautiful natural beaches, on the Atlantic side of the island, close to Two Foot Bay, to build our business.

Traditionally Barbudans go camping during Easter and summer holidays and that was how we found our spot. On family days out we would spend the whole day at the beach fishing, building a small fire and cooking what we caught on the spot.

We began our project a few years ago, initially starting to build a two bedroom guesthouse. As a means of utilizing the land whilst we complete the build of the two bedroom guesthouse, we are offering glamping, and we have made great progress and have completed the first Cabana which has proved really popular.

Come join me!

Currently we have finished the Cabana, and the first stage of the guest house, with our own funds and with help from one investor. We just welcomed our second investor on board and we are looking for the final two to complete our project. If you are interested in investing here is more information. In the meantime the Cabana is fully equipped and open for business and we hope you will visit us soon.

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