A few days on a deserted beach fishing and swimming at Frangipani.

Glamping ‘glamorous camping’ is a new way of experiencing natural and untamed parts of the world in comfort. Similar to camping there is often no electricity but what makes it special is that you have a comfortable bed and all your basic amenities on an amazing beach at a budget price. If you want to disconnect from stress, the world of technology, the fast pace of life and over-work, glamping is an experience for you!

You will stay in a well equipped solar-lit, open-plan cabin with a queen size bed, only a sand dune away from the beach, with comfortable cotton sheets, lots of pillows and extras such as books on Caribbean wild life. We provide binoculars, games if you get bored (which won’t happen) and snorkeling or fishing equipment. There is a kitchen attached at the back where we provide everything you need to cook your own meals such as pots, pans, a small cooker, water for cooking and washing up, and of course drinking water.

Barbuda is the perfect place for glamping because we are a very small island with no mass tourism or huge hotels. We are quite different to our sister island Antigua but not far away. Frangipani Glamping is based on the Atlantic side of Barbuda where it is a little more rough and rugged than the Caribbean sea – but great for bird watching, snorkeling, fishing, nature, peace and quiet and searching the beach for random treasures!

See everything in the amazing night sky with no light pollution at all
Going to the beach hut for fishing

The Cabana is a three minute walk to the beach over one sand dune where you can swim, snorkel, go out in the canoe, go fishing, beach combing or just relax on the beach in our shady Caribbean beach hut. We provide all the equipment for this, and there is a fish pot (traditionally used by Barbudans to catch fish) that you can put out and often has a lobster or two in it for you to cook on one of our open fires (with locally produced charcoal) or in your Cabana kitchen.

The Beach Hut
Setting the fish pot on your own beach
Grill night at Frangipani Glamping

The Glamping Cabana starts at $200 usd per night and is bookable on airbnb or through our contact us page. It can be used as extra accommodation for the guesthouse.

Please click on the buttons below for more information about Barbuda. This includes a detailed glamping checklist which gives you more information about what we provide – and what you need to bring.

We recommend you book our tours with us prior to arriving on the island, to really get to know the island and the people. You will need a car if you want to see Barbuda so click on the button below and make sure you book this in advance as well. You can also look at the Barbuda website for information about all our amazing beaches, things to do and places to eat.

Don’t forget you need to have a negative Covid test to come to Antigua and Barbuda. visit the Government page for their latest travel advisories.

Frangipani Glamping and Guesthouse

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