A simulated view looking North from the guesthouse

The guesthouse is a generous two bedroom, 1.5 bathroom building of concrete and lap wood construction with amazing views on all sides, of the sea and the countryside. It has an indoor kitchen, a small sitting room and will soon have a large gallery area over looking the Atlantic Ocean, with Two Foot Bay to the east and Fishing Creek to the west. It will be fully equipped with solar power and will cater to guests who are in the budget-to-mid range accommodation, close to the ocean, with a safe and natural beach over the sand dunes.

Builders finishing the outside of the guesthouse in March 2021

Visiting Barbuda for a few days or even weeks is an investment in an alternative way of life and in an island that has a fantastic sustainable future, to experience real peace and a connection with nature. We are committed to providing a guesthouse that has been built by Barbudans, that is run by us – young Barbudans – that contributes and enhances the eco-friendly and sustainable tourism product that Barbuda currently offers to the world tourism industry. Barbudans are some of the friendliest persons you will meet and it will leave a lasting impression on you, your family and your friends. The Guesthouse can be booked from January 2022 starting at $400 usd for the whole accommodation per night. To find out what we offer as part of your stay visit our glamping page for advice on our tours, what you need to bring and so on. To book or make an enquiry please send us a message.

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