View from the guesthouse towards the ocean

We are now planning the third stage; a two- bed roomed concrete and wood built guest house. It will be fully equipped with solar power and will cater to persons who want something more glamorous with views of the ocean over the sand dunes.

We are committed to providing a guesthouse that is run by Barbudans, that contributes and enhances the eco-friendly and sustainable tourism that Barbuda currently offers to the tourism industry.

Our first investor enabled us to build the cabana and we are now seeking three more to complete the project.

Please see our investors page below or send us an email to for a more detailed business plan.

An investment in Barbuda is an investment in an alternative way of life. To experience real peace and a connection with nature. The locals are some of the friendliest persons you will meet and it will leave a lasting impression on yourself, your family and your guests.

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